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Welcome to the Conifer Treasury World – the Home of Garden Conifer Cultivars

30-years ago, I dreamed of a book containing a photo for every-cultivar, ever-discovered. My first book The Conifer Tresury of the World, 1995 was the beginning of this very-long-endeavour that I set myself upon, without any photos. Ten years later came the Conifer Treasury 2.0, 2005. In 2010, the 3rd-edition listed 15,100 cultivars and contained photos of 6,238 of the cultivars. Of course a lot of things change in a period of 15-years, and now, the sheer numbers are becoming more and more.

The Internet has since changed our way of life and information today is only a click away...

You may wonder who these people are that contribute to this new „gene pool” of ever-increasing cultivated forms...? It’s simple, they are folks with an urban, as well as a non-urban sense for the collection & cultivation of witches’ brooms; new cultivars arise from the growing of the seeds of witches’ brooms, as-well... The number of new selections are growing as exponential models.

My path toward knowledge too has changed in finding new, paved pathways that have led myself in new-directions that were previously-unknown. A social networking exists and finding one person has led me to another; this is another leap I have made in my efforts to creating this huge-database. Previously, these breeders were, unknown.

Finding new men and women whom share this adventurous-personality also brings their plant-selections to our own gardens, and thus creates a bond among all gardeners alike & the propagators & the witches’ broom, hunters.

Yours sincerely

Mesterházy, Zsolt

Editor of the Conifer Treasury