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Conifer Treasury of the World 3.0, 2010

The greatest conifer checklist database ever published in the conifering history

I have written my 3rd version ’The Conifer Treasury of the World’ (3.0) to provide the reader with as many well-known and in some cases, some conifer-enthusiasts that are not so well-known... as of yet. For the reader you will find the legacy, and history, of many new people now just being recognized for their achievements. Another feature of ’The Conifer Treasury of The World’ (3.0) is access to newly-written records that I will add as I discover them and upload their information... to my website. After that with local partners I would like to publish more national Conifer Treasuries, because these are the future grounds of conifering. Simply to find the creating people, the conifer breeders.


The creation of the 3.0 Conifer Treasury is a joint-effort of many folks who have helped me along this journey into the literal, unknown. I would like to thank for linkable photo collections:

The American Conifer Society

Larry Stanly, Oregon USA

Bob Fincham, Washington USA

Dax Herbst, Illinois USA

Nate Cassell, Colorado USA

Elemér Barabits, Hungary

József Hódi Tóth (HTJ), Hungary

Jiri Holata, Czech Republik

Ján Sláma, Czech Republik

Edwin Smits, The Netherlands

Jörg Kohout, Germany

Sabine zu Jeddeloh, Germany

Dariusz Burdan, Poland

Daglezja Nursery, Poland

Sylwester Tomszak, Poland

Clément Anthoine, Belgium

Henk van Kempen, The Netherlands

And many conifer collectors, who are gathered around the Gardenweb Conifer threads with their great knowlegdes, photo documentations.

Statistics of the Conifer Treasury 3.0

74 genera with 3,5 million photos, 807 species, 15100 cultivars, 6238 of them with photos from the World Wide Web, included 4000 new conifer cultivars since 1995. 1100 pages if printed.